Students recognised for volunteering

Students can get their community-facing volunteering recognised by the University if it is recorded on Volunteer Hub.

Stellify Award

The University of Manchester gives its students the opportunities to do more and be more. We call it Stellify. It’s about broadening their horizons, understanding the issues that matter, and stepping up to make a difference to the local and global community. If students complete a range of specific activities they receive the Stellify Award on graduation.

One of the activities students are asked to complete is 25 hours of verified volunteering, undertaken for the benefit of the wider community.

Manchester Leadership Programme

Several hundred students, from across The University of Manchester, take part each year in the Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP).

The programme introduces students to many of the key challenges facing 21st century society, such as social responsibility, global poverty, inequality and economic and environmental sustainability.

Students on the programme gain an insight into these themes through the completion of:

  • an academic ‘Leadership in Action’ unit;
  • up to 40 hours of volunteering.

For both of the above, each student’s volunteering has to be verified by their host organisation. We do this through Volunteer Hub, by asking organisations to add the hours of each of their volunteers to the students’ record.