Information for Students

What is the HEAR?

The HEAR is an electronic report that provides you with an official record of your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and awards or prizes. The HEAR is designed to ensure that all of your experiences and accomplishments are recorded—meaning you have more to show to potential employers.

What type of information is recorded on the HEAR?

The HEAR includes your personal details, your degree qualification, details of course units completed, your results, any extra-curricular activities undertaken and any prize or award received.

How can I use my HEAR?

The HEAR helps you to reflect on your achievements while you were studying and consider how these will be useful to a potential employer, as well as providing future employers with an official record of your accomplishments at University.

How can employers use the HEAR?

The HEAR can be used to verify your qualification, grades and achievements, to develop a better understanding of the knowledge and skills gained by you as part of your degree course and to gain insight into the types of extra-curricular activities which you engaged in and the prizes/awards you received.

Why are some activities in the HEAR and others are not?

HEAR activities have a set of define criteria that they must meet. For example, activities must supporting the universities wider strategy and participation must be either verifiable (by the University), defined by regulation or be as part of an elected role.

How does the HEAR link to the Stellify Award?

All the activities included in the Stellify Award are approved and verified activities, which if undertaken will appear on your HEAR record. If you complete all the activities required by the Stellify Award, you receive this prestigious award upon graduation.

Do all students receive a HEAR?

At present, the HEAR is not available to MBChB, BDS, Nursing and Social Work students. Students on these degree courses should consult with their Schools for a transcript and HEAR information. PGT students also do not receive a HEAR.

Where can I view my HEAR?

You can only access their HEAR once they you graduated. Instructions on how you can share your HEAR are available from the University’s Digitary Core system.

One of the main benefits of the Digitary Core system is that you do not have to send potential employers paper copies of your HEAR. You can share your HEAR with employers by giving them access to the online version of the record. The online HEAR is a secure, digitally-signed and official copy of your record.

How is the HEAR different from a transcript?

Your official University transcript is also included in your HEAR. The HEAR provides you and potential employers with additional information about your time at University.

How are my achievements added to their HEAR?

Only activities and awards/prizes that are verified by the University are included in the HEAR. Your achievements are added by the member of staff responsible for each activity.

What if there is information missing from my HEAR?

The HEAR is only updated once per year, usually by mid-July. If after this date there is information missing from your HEAR please contact the member of staff associated with the activity.

What does a HEAR looks like?

Please use the following link to see an example of a HEAR:

Can anyone amend a student's record?

No, your HEAR is secure. No one can amend or delete your HEAR. If you have any queries about the academic transcript portion of your HEAR, you should contact the Student Services Centre at

If you have questions about any extra-curricular activities, you should contact the member of staff responsible for the activity.

If a you has any queries about prizes/awards, you should contact their School.