Information for Staff

Schools, university services and the Students' Union can apply to have activities recognised on the HEAR. These activities should be:

  • extra-curricular (i.e. not part of course credit)
  • voluntary and unpaid

To apply for an activity to be recognised, please complete the Approval Form found on these page and send it to

As part of the approval process a request can also be made for an activity to be considered to be included in the Stellify Award, as part of the 'Step Up and Lead' section. These are activities which:

  • Benefit fellow students in some way through providing support, representation, leadership or advocacy
  • Are volunteer roles
  • Usually take an academic year to complete

If successful, an activity owner will be provided with information on how to upload activities onto student records on Campus Solutions. Activity owners are responsible for ensuring the activity is uploaded onto each relevant students' Campus Solutions record by the end of each Academic year (deadlines are communicated each year).